So here’s some tea,

The stigma on co-sleeping is saddening. The idea in which a mother makes a decision to sleep with her infant gets so much hate and criticism its disgusting. It’s such a taboo subject that mothers keep it a secret to avoid the judgement or the unsolicited “advice”

“Aren’t you afraid you’re going to roll over into the baby?”

“It’ll be hard to transfer the baby to their own bed later on”

“You’ll ruin your relationship”

“If I were you I wouldn’t want my child in my bed”

Well you know what, no one asked you. I gave birth to this child 7 lbs chunk of love and I will do what I want. We have never once rolled near her and love our little angel close by.

When we brought our daughter Olessia home, we had her in the pack and play set up by the bed. It was close enough so I can watch her breathe (I was beyond paranoid) and easy access to grab her for feeding in the middle of the night

That lasted approximately a month, not because it wasn’t working because it was. It was because I ended up having my appendix removed and getting up wasn’t so easy.

Therefore setting up a spot for her in the middle of us was more convenient.

It could just be me being selfish but as a breastfeeding mom who had a minor surgery less than 5 weeks postpartum, it was easier to whip the boob out and go back to sleep. To this day almost 11 months later she still sleeps with us. Although the set up is a little different. We ended up taking apart the front of her convertible crib and brought it closer to our bed. She sleeps there with no issues whatsoever. Eventually we will move her over to her own bed and in her own room but there isn’t a rush.

A funny thing I found out in a room full of mothers, sleeping routines don’t get brought up quite often. If they do everyone stares around before some admits to co-sleeping or sleep training. One day at our weekly yoga classes, I was talking to a mom and she only admitted to co-sleeping after I did. You could tell she was worried about being judged.

Honey, I’m the last person to judge you. You gave birth to the human do what’s best for you and your child. So before anyone thinks they have a right to comment on your sleeping arrangement with your child. Remember this, they aren’t getting up with your baby at night. Therefore their opinions don’t matter. As for commenting on your relationship….. please (*insert eye roll *) just means you find more creatives ways to spice things up when you and your significant other have your alone time. If you can take anything from my incessant babbling is it’s your child, your business and the judgement is irrelevant.

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