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So here’s some tea,

If you aren’t a fan of TMI this is probably not a post for you! Just keeping it real here. This post is my appreciation for our postpartum bodies. Our bodies are beyond remarkable, we create life for Pete’s sake. I like to think of us as some underrated superheroes. Call us the life bringers, increasing the population one human at a time! Has a nice ring to it eh? But I doubt it would sell out in theaters. No one wants to watch blood and fluid spilling out everywhere, while baby Voldemort is shooting out of your crotch.

I got a bit side tracked there; but our bodies go through so many changes from the day we are born to the day we become mothers. (If that’s what life has planned for you of course). What I’m trying to get at is we are phenomenal and that doesn’t change after giving birth either. The fact our uterus’ shrinks itself after birth is unreal but it may be a tiny bit painful. Especially if you’re breastfeeding. While your baby is feeding a chemical is released in your body to signal thetighten and shrinking process” and trust me you can feel it.

And not to be too graphic now but during my early weeks into months of my postpartum healing, my lady parts felt like a tenderized steak and if my boyfriend came anywhere near me it would throb and not in a good way.

Oh and don’t get me started on the first bowel movement, I thought my uterus was falling out. Talk about uncomfortable. My words of advice is to drink lots of water, take your time and don’t push too hard.

Around the three month postpartum mark I also noticed some hair falling out. When I say some I mean my whole damn scalp. Just kidding .. but no really you lose a lot of hair. I had no idea that could happen because no one talks about it. I had an actual bald spot and trust me I was devastated! A little heads up would of been nice like ‘Your hair will be shiny and healthy then fall out, enjoy!’. The hair loss will last about three months, if you’re lucky. After that your hair will start to grow back but believe me when I say the growing out period is not so cute.

(The hair loss was real)

When it comes to getting your body back in shape it’s a bit different. It can be easy for some and hard for others. Especially when it comes to the idea of “snapping back”. Which to be honest, the whole societal pressure of snapping back really ticks me off. I’m sorry but you have given birth to a child, it’s okay to still be carrying baby weight for a while.

Society is so skewed that it has people thinking you have to go straight from the hospital back into the gym just because Barbara from down the street has a flat tummy after birth. Please give yourself a shake. The titanic pushed its way out of your nether regions or you were cut open (for all those moms who had a c-section) Your body deserves the rest!

My postpartum healing was eventful to say the least. The birth of my daughter was fairly quick, No stitches no rips or anything like that. I was lucky, but the healing process is where I hit a road block. From the day after birth, the postpartum bleeding was heavy handed but my midwives assured me it was normal. Within the first two weeks I started waking up in cold sweats. I was constantly drenched and freezing in the middle of August. The cold sweats lasted probably a good week until they subsided.

Unfortunately it followed with back cramping and even more blood loss. I was confused because reading online by 5-6 weeks blood should be minimal and almost gone. For me it wasn’t the case,it was getting worse.

I was gaining weight on-top of being bloated, swollen and in pain. I was just eating to ease my discomfort. I continued to push through because I never had a baby before and I didn’t know what healing was suppose to feel or look like.

On one evening out I realized the pain I was in was so excruciating that something had to be wrong. I ended up having to go to the walk-in clinic the next day, which they ended up sending me to the hospital. The walk-in clinic doctor believed I might of had some placenta left over and had to go to the emergency right away.

After 12 hours in the damn hospital and a very eager ultrasound technician they discovered it was actually my appendix. My appendix was found on the opposite side of my body probably due to the way it dropped after birth. My appendix was so swollen that it was pushing down and was somehow irritating my uterus causing it to swell and bleed more. Fun stuff I know!

Thankfully it was taken out before it ruptured.

After my appendix was removed the bleeding stopped and everything seemed to be right as rain. It just sucks that my first two months of healing was pretty rough; from birth to surgery.

Once I was all healed, I eventually started to work out little by little. I still refuse to step on a scale because to me it isn’t about how much I weigh anymore. It was about how I feel. I’ve heard from a few women admitting they aren’t ready for kids because they don’t want to ruin their bodies. To me that was upsetting to think someone thinks my body is ruined, I thought the futherest from that. My body was meant to give life, it’s not ruined its upgraded. From the appendix scars , stretch marks on my hips, saggy tits to the loose skin. It may sound unattractive to you but I’m going to wear my mom bod proud and as a badge of honour!

My focus isn’t on snapping back or being a fit mom. It’s about being the best mom possible and being able to keep up with my daughter. If I want to eat half a bag of chips I will and feel no guilt… okay maybe some guilt but being a mom isn’t easy. Postpartum healing isn’t easy, so take your time getting back into shape. Even if you seem to feel fine, birth is still a traumatic experience for your body. Take it from me who has had an eventful time healing, relax and enjoy your baby. By the time they’re crawling and walking you’ll get enough exercise chasing after the little stinkers.

Some things you may also experience:


Postpartum depression and anxiety

Perineum tear

Diastasis recti

Seek medical attention if you notice any pain or discomfort. Postpartum healing is serious business. Listen to your body!


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  1. This such a relatable post. I have experienced most of it after birth and let me tell you, recovery is not easy especially with your newborn. A woman’s body is really strong its unbelievable! This is a great read😊


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