Mom fail Fridays!

So here’s some tea,

Introducing mom fail Fridays !

Yes we all act like we are perfect blah blah blah but there are times when we aren’t. Instead of taking ourselves so seriously and beating ourselves up about it, we need to laugh it off.

Here’s a recent fail of my own. I love doing my own photoshoots with my daughter. The brainstorming put into it and the set up really floats my boat! Although things don’t always go as they’re planned.

One day I got the bright idea to do a milk bath picture. I saw them on Pinterest and they looked magical. I wanted to try it out, Why not right! I pumped some breast milk (I didn’t want to use the powdered milk) and bought some fake flowers from the dollar store.

My daughter was in a good mood; we were set to go. I ran the bath a little, so there was only enough water for the flowers to float. I put the milk in, watched the water get cloudy and smiled. I was thinking this is going to be such an awesome picture and we are definitely going to frame it.

I threw the flowers in and I set her gently into the tub. If this shot doesn’t speak wonders for what happened next I don’t know what will.

I tried to make her smile for maybe a good minute, it wasn’t working. Lo and behold she had a flower on her back bugging her. I felt horrible I picked her, I was trying to comfort her but nothing was helping. She was still screaming at me. Complete mom fail, I could see a slight imprint of the flower on her back. She was definitely uncomfortable and I was the cause. Great, mom of the year award goes to this goof!

I jumped in the tub clothes on with my screaming child. And guess what!

Tears vanished!

Moral of this story. Move things out of the way when you place your baby down. Also pictures don’t always turn out how you invisioned them.

Have you ever had a mom fail? I’d love to hear them 🙂

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