Baby number two?

So here’s some tea,

In the past few months I’ve had a serious fever, baby fever. It could be the fact my little one is growing up so fast and I want her to have a sibling. Or many of my mommy friends are about to pop out another one. Baby fomo, is that a thing?

Many of them were trying and some came as a sweet surprise. It makes me wonder when it’s the right time for us to have another.

If you’ve read some of my blogs, you know I’m an avid googler and I look up everything. Several internet mommies stated to wait at least 18 months then begin to try again. Which gives your body enough time to properly heal and for you adjust to motherhood. That’s fine and dandy for some but many love children close in age, which is just as awesome. Whichever you choose you make it work. Ive always wanted Olessia to have a partner in crime to take over the world with.. but what’s a good age gap?

I personally like the idea of my daughter being two years old and out of diapers before the other one arrives. That being said questions circulate in my mind as if we are ready.

How would Olessia feel sharing the attention?

Will Olessia feel neglected?

Will I be able to handle two with my boyfriend at work?

Should I work for a while before trying for another one?

How will I heal the second time around?

The uncertainty is real! Some days I believe I can handle two no problem and there are others like today where I’m so exhausted and can’t wait for bed time. Believe me when I say one baby screaming at you is hard enough. Big up to the mommas out there who have multiples or Irish twins. You’re the real ones!

I go back and forth all day long thinking about how it will affect my little one. I love my daughter and my attention is all hers. I know she loves kids and will welcome a sibling no problem but am I taking away her ‘mommy and me’ alone time too soon.

Also I’m not scared of the pregnancy aspect (which I disliked with my first) I’m quite looking forward to end result a beautiful little terror. Hopefully pregnancy would be easier this time around but I’m scared of the healing. It took me so long to finally heal, will the second be just as bad or easier? I know I’m rambling but come on, you have to admit this is a big decision to electively decide to try for another little stinker.

Don’t get me started on working though, I have an opportunity to work but I’m nervous. I don’t want to send her to daycare, I want to take care of her during these tender years but I also don’t want the financial burden on just my boyfriend. He assures me it’s fine but I’m not the type to let a man just bring home the bacon, I need to bring home some eggs and toast too! He did make a valid point though, daycare is so expensive I’d be just working to pay for it and there’s really no point. It’s sad but that’s our reality. Therefore work is up in the air right now.

Ugh the guilt that comes with making such a big decision. If you are wondering why I’m thinking so much about it, Aunt Flo has came back. After 10 months of breastfeeding with no period, it’s back. *Cue the violins* I was really loving wearing white without the sheer anxiety of looking at my butt ‘just to make sure’. Also that means no more pulling the goalie. If we are going to wait and go back to work we’d have to be cautious.

I love my little family and I’d loved another baby but coming to a decision try for another has a lot more variables than I thought.

Any moms out there expecting their second? What’s the age gap and when do you know you’re ready?

I’d love to hear for you xo


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