Mom fail Fridays – they feed off our reactions

So here’s some tea,

It’s mom fail Friday! You know what that means another little story or tidbit of a fail of mine.

Children feed off of our reactions, if they hurt themselves they look to you to either cry more or stop entirely. We are our own worst enemies though, as parents we are on edge at all times. We’re keeping an eye out for any dangers lurking ahead. What we don’t realize is that our children mimic our movements, reactions and our emotions. If you are anxious or upset trust me your little one is feeling it too. I can’t count how many times I’ve been so tired at bed time and Olessia will start acting up; she feels my frustration. Funny thing is once she’s in daddy’s arms she behaves. (Seriously child you’re gunna do me like that! traitor)

My child is a thrill seeker, she will do anything to make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. She has this weird obsession on being chased. If it’s crawling around or on the bed she will race to the edge of something, just to wait for you to tense up and leap towards her to catch her. And when I say leap I mean throw my whole damn body flying in the air across the room.

(She stole a thermometer)

I’m not a worrisome parent but when she’s so close to the edge, it’s only normal to worry that she’s going to fall and bust her head open. Ugh to this little girl it’s a game though. I’ve reacted poorly way too many times now that she expects it. She will race to the edge and stop, anticipating my reaction and then laughs hysterically. Huge fail! I think I’ve created a dare devil. I should stock up on bandaids for the years ahead!

This is my first baby and I’m just learning as the days go by. Many of you probably are like ‘this is just the beginning watch’. I don’t doubt it, I will probably always be on pins and needles making sure my little one is safe. All I can do from here on out is stop overreacting. The last thing I want is for my daughter to pick up on that trait. I will let my little dare devil be the wildflower she is but I’ll always be there to catch her.

Do you overreact? Does your little one feed off your reactions? I’d love to hear some of your mom fails!


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2 thoughts on “Mom fail Fridays – they feed off our reactions

  1. Before my first (and only) baby, I asked my brother for the one most important piece of advice he could give me. He told me, never show frustration. To my dismay, it’s such an initial reaction that my son laughs. He thinks causing me frustration is now a game. #momfail


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