Mom fail Fridays – I’m a sweary mom

So here’s some tea,

Mom fail Fridays are here again and it’s my second favourite ‘F word’. I didn’t realize how often I use my first favourite F word. Cursing has been apart of my vocabulary for years and in its own twisted way mixed in with sarcasm is my form of expression.

If anyone is offended by that comment they can bite me. From casual cursing in dialogues with friends to the days I lived in Ireland. It was a magical time where the words gobshite and arsehole were forms of endearment. I was in my element, to be honest it’s probably one of the reasons I loved it there so much! (there’s a lot more reasons but their sense of humour was plus)

Thinking back to when I was little I don’t remember my mother ever cursing. We were those kids on the block that weren’t allowed to watch The Simpson’s or South Park because of the foul language. Luckily enough the older we got we ended up hearing those words anyways, from our peers and even our teachers!

Although when I became pregnant the phrase “I’ll never swear around my kid” came flopping out of my trap. I became that parent to be! (The I’ll never do this with my kid parent to be) Rookie mistake! I wish I can tell myself now to that you’re a load of shite.

I honestly try my best not to swear and I even tell at my boyfriend to stop swearing too. It’s just certain words slip through cracks! Thank goodness Olessia isn’t old enough to repeat what we say. That’s a mom fail every rookie or veteran mom has. We aren’t perfect!

Do you slip up and swear around your kids? Have they repeated a curse word you’ve said before? I’d love to know, so we can laugh about it!


If you’re a judge Judy get the feck out of here 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Mom fail Fridays – I’m a sweary mom

  1. Fawck I’m terrible for swearing. I’m sure the first day of school they’ll learn it anyway lol. I do try, but sometimes I get lost in a conversation on the phone with the little one around, so I just give up. It is still up to us as parents to help them understand the do’s and don’ts of what they hear us or friends say. Good luck.

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