Heaven sent (basic) activities for a busy baby

So here’s some tea,

Keeping your bubs entertained is task all on its own. If your little one is like mine who is very active and constantly needs to be occupied, you can understand. With the 1 year mark just around the corner, Olessia is discovering something new everyday. I made it my mission to find things to tickle her fancy and to give momma’s arms a break. I actually found a few toys and activities that worked for us. They aren’t crazy and over the top activities, just basic things that keeps Olessia busy!


This 3 in 1 Trike has been a heaven sent to put it lightly. For a few months now she’s had an issue with being in her stroller, if she wasn’t napping. We bought this little bad boy and as long as she’s in her trike she’s distracted, happy and stunting.

IKEA shape sorter

We were in ikea one day and found this toy in the baby section. I was like this would be good for a cognitive activity and believe me is it ever! She loves when she figures out the right shapes, looks up at me and smiles. My heart explodes! This little toy keeps her so occupied as she’s determined to make it every piece fit.

Box and ribbons

I found this activity on Pinterest. It looked fun so I ended up making one myself. The idea is to have them reach in and pull a ribbon out. It’s meant to be a fine motor skill activity and would be perfect for ages 6 months and up. The older they get, you can teach them to pull out certain colours. The look on their little proud faces is will be worth the time making this little gem.

Bottles and lids.

I know what you’re thinking you’re leaving your baby with bottles and lids. Yes and no. I’m watching her at all times and what can I say she loves taking lids off of things. It’s pure enjoyment for her and for momma not so much, when I have to clean whatever she spilt. It can be lids off of her puff treats to water bottles. Then she’ll try to figure out how to place them back on. It’s adorable to watch and is another fine motor skills activity.

The few things that I’ve listed may sound simple but that’s what babies love. The most random inexpensive things! A friend of mine made a joke the other day “I’ll get her a case of water bottles for her birthday” trust me she loves them like most babies do! When they’re cold (for her teeth) and the crackling sound, she’s obsessed! Sometimes less is more. I’ve learned that the hard way with a collection of way too much toys!

How do you keep your little ones entertained? I’d love to know


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