Some products I use – starting my all natural journey

So here’s some tea,

I know this is a mommy blog but not everything needs to be about the babies! Let’s shine some light on us mommies too. I’m currently going through a change in my life where I’m realizing the effects products and foods are having on my body. I’m taking a page out of the au naturel book and beginning my journey.

Essential oils

At first I was beyond skeptical of oils because I didn’t know much about them. I was so confused how a few drops of an oil can sooth ailments and irritations. A company called Saje is where my essential oil love began. I’m pretty sure a friend of mine bought me my first roll on bottle of peppermint halo. If you aren’t familiar with the company, peppermint halo helps with headaches. I’m pretty sure I don’t need to buy another bottle of Tylenol, this thing works like magic. Essential oils in general are so beneficial for your health! From headaches, fertility and so much more. I have my own personal collection of oils and a diffuser. Trust me it works for little ones too! Especially teething, toss a few chamomile drops in your diffuser or the bottom of their feet and your fussy babies mood will change.

Few oils I love

Peppermint halo – headaches

Tea tree – for everything really

Lavender – improves sleep and much more

Roman chamomile – digestive issue, reduce inflammation and much more

Pain release – pain and sore ligaments

Clary sage– helps balance hormones and much more

Frankincense – boost immune system and much more

Adding certain oils together can do wonderful things you should try it!!


I’ve done a lot of research and believe me I’ve tried a lot of products. Not many worked for me but one. Which I’m still in the detoxing phase but so far no smelly situations. I’ll put it out there though I’ve never been a sweaty person until I started breastfeeding, it’s a workout I tell ya so finding something that worked was a must. Shout out to my au naturel guru for telling me about it!

Why did I want to make this change?

I personally wanted to make the switch for a while now even before I was pregnant because of all the toxins that are in antiperspirant and their link to cancers. I’m putting my foot down I refuse to buy another antiperspirant deodorant.


Lush powder

Saje crystal


Soft & Dry

Currently Working


Beauty products

Lush Coal face soap – I have very oily skin and this soap leaves your face cleanser and helps with excess oils!

Lush tea tree oil facial spray – I use this toner everyday. Helps with blemishes and leaves me refreshed

Lush is fresh and handmade but controversial. Due to the fact that there are some products that do contain small traces of parabens, just putting it out there.

Parabens are found in cosmetic products to stop the forming of yeast and bacteria. Parabens are being linked to cancer as well

I’m currently looking into making my own personal products from scratch to eliminate any and all interaction with parabens.

Hair products

Coconut oil ; I use this as an extra conditioner to help moisten my hair. It’s also great for taking off make up, stretch marks and lotion for your skin!

Apple cider vinegar is the holy grail for me. I use this for everything. I love how it cleanses my hair in a water to AVC ratio as well as a feminine cleanse (not as a douche just outside!)

Help me with my journey, any natural products you know of? Please share 🙂


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