Quarantined with little snack guzzlers

So here’s some tea,

During this global pandemic we have experienced a vast amount of changes that we never thought we’d experience in our lifetime. Being in quarantine not only protects yourself from contracting the virus but others as well. Even though most days me and the girls don’t normally leave the house much but being confined to the house by government regulation feels like a whole other ball game. I understand and my heart goes out to the people who have lost their jobs and the people who have businesses that are in jeopardy due to the closures. Lets not to forget a huge shout out to the frontline workers each one of you are golden Ponyboy!

Now to the parents out there quarantined with kids, I understand your struggle. The lyrics “ bored in the house and I’m in the house bored” clearly doesn’t apply to us. When is the last time you’ve actually been bored? Serious question, it had to of been between the last bottom you’ve wiped or the endless amount of meals you’ve been making. I feel like a cater waiter handing out goldfish and granola bars to these little snack guzzlers. Not to mention the grocery bill skyrocketing… I don’t understand why and how since this child’s only request is chicken fingers and fries.

Meanwhile I know many of you have been going stir crazy trying to find ways to entertain your kids. How many crafts can one kid do until they explode into glitter. Olessia is addicted to crafts and that is my own fault because I’m bit of a craft addict myself. Although if Olessia asks to build another birdhouse all the craft supply might magically disappear!

To regain a bit of sanity we find ourselves outside playing with chalk in the front any chance we can get. Olessia has about 3 boxes of chalk and somehow to breaks every single one of them then proceeds to tell me to fix it.. kid I’m not Harry Potter Accio not happening. Most days playing with chalk results in Olessia judging my artistic skills. In my defence elephants and an octopuses are hard to draw with chalk and I don’t see the little Judge Judy giving it a go. Trust me when I say being in quarantine with a sassy toddlers is less fun when the sass if directed at you. Especially with a teething 8 month old who is a stage five clinger.

Our days in quarantine are busy from sun up to sun down but I wouldn’t have it any other way (sense the mom guilt). Its hard work being in quarantine with kids especially with their built up energy, best believe if anyone who is bored is up to babysit after this quarantine is over come on by… mama needs a break. I really want to give a shout to the parents who have their little humans interrupting work calls, the parents struggling to teach their kids the school curriculum and to the stay at home parents who are familiar with the chaos but are just as tired. We can all relate and we all would love to be bored in the house and in the house bored. Probably reading a book we never got to finish or picking up a new skill/hobby or even snacking without someones grabby fingers asking to “try”.  Instead we are cleaning up toys for the millionth time, breaking up fights between siblings and dealing with the overwhelming frustration kids get with their feelings. We are in this together and hopefully not for much longer. 

if we all abide by the regulations we can hopefully enjoy what will be left of our summer and have an ounce of sanity left over. Until next tea time stay safe and stay home! xoxo


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